Cutting-edge solutions for chlor-alkali production

Explore our cutting-edge solutions for chlor-alkali production, HCL synthesis, and electrolyzer refurbishment, Rectifier and transformer, Ceramic filter, CPVC/FRP equipment.

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Providing chlor-alkali solutions and complete equipment

Rewinz is a global engineering company that integrates engineering, technology, service and trade together to provide integrated solutions for chlor-alkali plant, upstream & down-stream supporting technologies, as well as EPC general contracting.

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Who We Are?

REWINZ combines engineering, technology, service, and procurement to offer integrated solutions for chlor-alkali plants, upstream and downstream supporting technologies, and EPC contracting in partnership with a global engineering company that focuses on providing chlor-alkali complete equipment and upgrading existing electrolyzers for energy-saving.

Our range of technological services covers the complete process chain, starting from salt dissolution and brine preparation, moving on to electrolysis, and extending to the subsequent processing of the resulting products.
Leveraging our advanced, globally renowned technology and exceptional in-house knowledge, you can optimize your operational uptime and reduce total lifecycle expenses. With immediate access to our expert teams, available whenever and wherever you require assistance worldwide, you receive the exceptional service you rightfully expect.


Skid-Mounted Caustic Soda Plant

Our Skid-mounted caustic soda plant, is the use of our own intellectual property rights of electrolyzer manufacturing technology, process design and operation experience, through the optimization of process design, three-dimensional design simulation, etc.

The optimized pipeline and equipment are designed modular according to the process, and the module is divided according to the specifications of 20” and 40” standard containers, which makes full use of the longitudinal space of equipment arrangement and saves the floor space.

The period from the contract in effect to the start-up of the project will be limited to 18 months, which shortened the construction cycle. In the first 6 months, complete 3D piping design, equipment procurement, and civil construction conditions design; in the middle 6 months, complete the production and assembly of all standard skid-units, and prepare transportation, in the same time the owner will complete the civil construction; in the last 6 months, the standard skid-units will be delivered to the project site and complete the on-site assembly and commissioning.

Skid-mounted caustic soda plant will complete more than 90% of the production and installation work in the factory, which greatly reduces the workload and time at the project site, and the overall investment cost of the project can be reduced by 10% after comparing the cost with similar traditional projects.

Skid-Mounted Caustic Soda Plant