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As a raw material of methyl chlorosilane, more than 85% of chloromethane is used in the production of organosilicon (essentially in a self-produced and self-consumed manner), and is also used in the production of methyl cellulose and other products.

Unveiling the Versatility of Chloromethane: A Key Chlorine Downstream Product

Chloromethane, also known as methyl chloride, stands as a pivotal chlorine downstream product that plays a significant role in various industrial applications. At REWINZ, we take pride in offering a complete production line for chloromethane, empowering industries with a reliable solution for their chemical synthesis needs. Join us as we delve into the multifaceted world of chloromethane and explore its diverse applications across different sectors.

Exploring the Essence of Chloromethane

Chemical Composition: Chloromethane, with the chemical formula CH₃Cl, represents a compound where a chlorine atom is attached to a methane molecule. This colorless gas exhibits a distinct odor and demonstrates solubility in organic solvents.

Synthesis and Production: The production of chloromethane involves the chlorination of methane gas, resulting in a versatile compound that serves as a fundamental building block in chemical synthesis processes. Our state-of-the-art production line ensures efficient and sustainable manufacturing of chloromethane, meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

Application Fields

As a raw material of methyl chlorosilane, more than 85% of chloromethane is used in the production of organosilicon (essentially in a self-produced and self-consumed manner), and is also used in the production of methyl cellulose and other products. Dichloromethane is mainly used for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, serves as a substitute for CFC11 in the form of polyurethane foaming agent and a substitute for benzene and xylene in the form of solvent adhesive, and also can be used in metal cleaning and electronic cleaning industry. In recent years, it serves as a raw material for production of refrigerant HFC32. As an excellent organic solvent and organochlorine solvent, most of the trichloromethane is used as a raw material for production of HCFC-22 and PTFE. Carbon tetrachloride is mainly used for production of HCFC-11/12 and organochlorine solvent.

Production methods:

There are two processes for production of chloromethane, dichloromethane and trichloromethane in foreign countries, i.e. methanol process and methane process. There are many processes for production of carbon tetrachloride, including the extensive chlorination process with ethanol or methane as raw material, carbon disulfide chlorination, and the C1~C3 chlorination  at elevated temperatures to produce carbon tetrachloride and tetrachloroethylene. The technology involving chlorinolysis of hydrocarbon wastes and their chlorinated derivatives (as raw materials) at elevated temperatures and under high pressures to generate carbon tetrachloride and by-product hydrogen chloride, showing a reaction pressure of 5Mpa and temperature of 620℃.

There are units put into production with this process in the Western Europe. The process for thermal chlorination of vinyl chloride flue gas & waste fluid at elevated temperatures for production of carbon tetrachloride and the tetrachloroethylene combined production process used by the Montreal company in Italy are characterized by moderate reaction conditions, reaction temperature of 525℃ ~ 580℃ and pressure of 0.07 ~ 0.082 Mpa.

Our first unit introduced is the trichloromethane-carbon tetrachloride production unit with methanol process and is characterized by international advanced product quality and raw material consumption. Jiangsu Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. had built a 30.8 kt/a dichloromethane-trichloromethane production unit with methanol process and the technology & key equipment introduced in late 1990s.

Consumption quota:


Raw material & specificationMethane chlorination processMethanol process
Natural gas640m3
Chlorine gas2000~2200
Hydrogen chloride850
( kg/t )


Raw material and specificationNatural gas processChloromethane process
Natural gas (including CH497%)1000m3
Chlorine gas (100%)4000854
Liquid caustic soda (100%)274221
Chloromethane (98%)246
( kg/t )


Raw materialMethanol processMethanol process
Natural gas290m3
Chlorine gas2540-1500
Caustic soda~300
( kg/t )

Carbon tetrachloride

Raw material and specificationMethane chlorinationMethanol process
Natural gas (including CH498%)800m3
Chlorine gas (95%)2600~29001650
( kg/t )

The REWINZ Advantage

At REWINZ we are committed to revolutionizing industries with our comprehensive production line for chloromethane. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise, we ensure the seamless integration of chloromethane into various manufacturing processes, driving efficiency and innovation.

Safety and Sustainability

While chloromethane is a valuable chemical compound, its handling requires adherence to strict safety protocols to mitigate risks of exposure and accidents. Additionally, responsible disposal practices are essential to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability in chemical production processes.

Partner with REWINZ

As a trusted provider of chloromethane production solutions, REWINZ is dedicated to empowering industries with top-tier chemical synthesis capabilities. Our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation sets us apart as a reliable partner in your quest for efficient and sustainable chemical solutions.

In conclusion, chloromethane emerges as a key chlorine downstream product, offering transformative solutions across industries and propelling technological advancements. With REWINZ as your partner, harness the power of chloromethane to revolutionize your manufacturing processes and drive innovation in a rapidly evolving world.