gas analyzer

ENOTEC GmbH was established by Fred Gumprecht in Germany in 1980. Since1986 ENOTEC have produced self-developed oxygen analyzer based on zirconium oxide (ZrO2) technology. The product range expanded ever more over time, so that ENOTEC is today your competent partner for all ranges of emission and process analyzing applications. ENOTEC has not only limited itself to the development and production of gas analyzer. ENOTEC is also globally renowned for planning and execution of emission and process measuring technology. In this regard, our systems range from a single probe of our own production, to individually designed systems, consisting of our own analyzers combined with products from well known and proven producers, through to ready-for-use emission and process projects, all built completely to your specifications

Our range of products includes:

OXITEC® O2 Analyzers

Fast and precise in situ O2 measurements with
robust OXITEC® analyzers

COMTEC® O2 / COe Analyzers

Combustion optimization with InSitu
O2 / COe analysis

AQUATEC® O2 / H2O Analyzers

Optimize drying processes with precise
O2 / H2O measurement

CEMTEC® Gas Sampling System

Continuous process control In high temperature, high dust cement kiln inlets

ENSITU® 7000 O2-Transmitter Probe

ENSITU® 7000, a budget friendly O2 transmitter probe, made by ENOTEC.

GSF Gas Sampling Probe

Versatile sample probe for CEMS and process

THERMOTEC® Thermocouple

High temperature thermocouple up to 1400 °C


Suppliers- Chemical

B&P Littleford

Centrifuges, Mixing & Drying, Compounding & Extrusion line

Koellemann GmbH

HDPE & PP Screw conveyors and Mixers, Screw heat exchanger

EMDE Industrie-Technik GmbH

Mechanical conveying
Pneumatic conveying, Bucket elevator, Dust extraction system, Rotary valves

Palamatic Process

Bulk material handling solution, Filling/emptying solution, feeding/dosing solution, Sieving & Milling, handling system