Core product of Chostar is named NBZ-2.7 II, a high current density natural circulation bi-polar Zero-gap electrolyzer made by BCMC, which can be operated steadily at 6.0kA/㎡ and has an expected power consumption of 2000 kwh/tNaOH 100% basis, representing the best operating parameters worldwide.


Suppliers- Petrochemical

B&P Littleford

Centrifuges, Mixing & Drying, Compounding & Extrusion line

Koellemann GmbH

HDPE & PP Screw conveyors and Mixers, Screw heat exchanger

EMDE Industrie-Technik GmbH

Mechanical conveying
Pneumatic conveying, Bucket elevator, Dust extraction system, Rotary valves

Palamatic Process

Bulk material handling solution, Filling/emptying solution, feeding/dosing solution, Sieving & Milling, handling system