Big bag filling system

Big bag filling system

More and more attention is focused worldwide on the safe and low dust big bag filling systems. Even mass products are now transported in Big Bags because the handling of metered smaller consumption volumes is often significantly easier at the consumer. The applications, the required filling performances as well as the requirements for the automation level of the system are therefore versatile. We offer big bag filling systems which have flexible system configuration tailored to your filling capacity, product properties and local conditions.
In addition to filling stations that work volumetric - equipped with a fill level sensor in the filling head - we offer mainly filling systems with an integrated weighing technology as an independent weighing system. Normally, the product will be metered and weighed directly into the Big Bag. Afterwards, the filling adapter can be twisted and can be closed with a plastic clip. The Big Bags with inliner can be evacuated and can be automatically closed airtight using welding tongs.

Benefits of our big bag filling system

  • Volumetric and gravimetric filling
  • Automatic closing system
  • Pneumatically actuated safety folding hook
  • Movable rear hooks
  • Dust tight filling adapter connection through inflation hose
  • Lift system for filling head with integrated electrical chain hoist
  • Vibrating table


Ergonomics and operator protection in our big bag filling system

Systems that are planned based on ergonomic principles will be accepted by the operator.
In addition, all required measures are taken to permit a safe and failure-free working for the operators at the filling stations.

This includes the safety related analysis of the products to be fi led for possibly existing dust explosion risks as well as hazard assessments and the resulting protective measures in accordance with the machine directive.


Peripheral components for big bag filling system

– Conveyor system for pallets
– Pallet magazine
– Weighing and metering system
– Sieve system and magnet separator
– Dispenser for paper board sheets


Intelligent solutions for your big bag filling system

Intelligent detailed solutions and proven designs, which are the result of long term developments, represent systems engineering that is welcome in all industries.
The different bulk material characteristics require often specially adapted solutions to guarantee a clean and calibration-conforming filling. Experienced designers and the complete in-house manufacturing up to the system control and programming are the prerequisites for a fast and customer oriented total solution for a big bag filling project.

Your System Supplier for Complex Solutions

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our chlor-alkali and bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.