Dosing and feeding system

Dosing and feeding system

Our dosing and feeding systems are designed to meet multiple applications for a wide variety of industries. Our volumetric and gravimetric feeders are characterized by their high feeding accuracy, robust construction and modular design.
We can offer a wide range of dosing and feeding systems such as single screw feeders, twin screw feeders, flexible wall feeders, vibratory tray feeders, solid flowmeters, rotary valves and liquid loss in weigh feeders.
We provide integrated dosing and feeding solutions for the plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, new energy, food, environmental protection and other industries.

Dosing can be influenced by the type and properties of the input material, ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) and the type of dosing device. But there is another important factor to consider: whether you use a volumetric or gravimetric system.


Volumetric dosing systems

Volumetric dosing systems only measure the volume of the ingredients (in cubic centimeters or meters, for example). Because the dosing device does not weigh the components, it must be calibrated to ensure that the correct mass is dosed over a set period. This means it must be recalibrated every time a new material or batch is introduced. Volumetric feeding systems cannot automatically make adjustments for fluctuations in properties such as input material bulk density, manufacturers tend to deliberately set the system to dispense a larger amount than is actually necessary.


Gravimetric dosing systems

Gravimetric dosing systems, on the other hand, use one or more integrated weigh cells to measure input material. This means that mass is the only parameter considered. Because the system continues to dose material until it reaches the required target weight, fluctuations in density do not affect the outcome. A further benefit is that you can say with certainty how much total material -by weight- has been used, this is very important if you need to document the process for quality management purposes.


Our dosing and feeding products:

– Single screw volumetric feeder

– Single screw loss-in-weight feeder

– Twin screw volumetric feeder

– Twin screw loss-in-weight feeder

– Liquid loss-in weight feeder

– Three load cell loss-in-weight feeder

– Vibratory tray loss-in weight feeder

– Intelligent batching system

– Control system of loss-in-weight feeder

– Solid Flow meter

– Rotary valve

Special dosing solutions for the most difficult applications

Not every bulk material is free-flowing and thus can be easily and uniformly dosed. In such instances, we seek out individual solutions matching the materials to be dosed. Through the relevant preliminary tests in the technical center and intensive technical consulting by experienced sales engineers, we are able to find the right solution for your demanding dosing task.


– Product-specific individual solutions
– Pressure-proof and gas-proof designs
– Explosive-protected systems for gas and dust explosive areas
– Double dosing screws for more uniform product dosing

Your System Supplier for Complex Solutions

Whether it is components, systems or complete turnkey solutions “as a service”: Let our chlor-alkali and bulk material experts advise you on your challenges.