Liquid filling system
Liquid filling system

Liquid filling system

PACK’R / REWINZ is specialized in liquid weighing, liquid filling systems and capping Equipment for complex product conditionning (Bottles, Jerrycans, Pails, 200L Drums and up to 1500 Kg IBC) since more than 30 years.

We are particularly efficient in the technologies for the chemical, paint & coatings especially for highly corrosives, viscous, foamy or ATEX products and food industries such as edible oil, tomato concentrates, beverages concentrates (for soda), sauces and mayonnaise, alimentary aromes, syrup, marple syrup, alimentary additives, fruit juices, fish soup, vinegar, liquid butter, mustard or liquid eggs.

Each project starts with the study of your packaging. The challenge lies in the combination of 3 factors: your industry (your product), your packaging and the required output. Your different containers (100ml to 1000L) can be filled thanks to our equipment from the single machine to the complete automated line.

The Advantages of our liquid filling system:

– Easy to use

– capacity to treat product with different characteristics and wide range of viscosity

– precise weight dosing technology with Micro PACK‘R sensor to avoid overfilling and underfilling

– traceability

– equipment which can be used in Legal Metrology

– change of format very quick with our « Click & Play » tools

Clean In Place quick and efficient with our « Clean & Play » cleaning system

– Low maintenance costs

In particular, we propose a very wide range of Filling & Capping ATEX Technologies


Liquid filling systems for all industries:

Liquid filling systems for chemical industry

Chemicals are everywhere in liquid, solid or gaseous form. We can find them as pure or mixed substances, in all activities and professional sectors in both large and small companies. At PACK’R / REWINZ, we therefore understand the challenges that the search for liquid filling systems for filling chemical liquids can present. Our liquid filling systems provide packaging and wrapping and are perfectly adapted to all chemical products. The products concerned can be basic acids, solvents, alcohol, polymers and derivatives, detergents, disinfectants, cleaners…

Liquid filling systems for paint industry

Our liquid filling systems specially designed to cover a wide range of packaging and products with quick adaptation to the different formats possible in the field of Paint: from bottles, jars, buckets to barrels and IBCs. The products concerned can be paints, adhesives and sealants, coatings, construction resin, Inks.


Liquid filling systems for petrochemical industry

Petrochemicals and lubricants can be packaged in different formats, from small bottles to jerrycans, drums and IBCs. PACK’R / REWINZ liquid filling systems can cover all these formats and are therefore perfectly adapted to the petrochemical industry. We offer you liquid filling systems that meet your packaging needs. The products concerned can be lubricants, windscreen cooling…

Liquid filling systems for food industry

Our goal is to offer you the filling machine for food products (mayonnaise, salad dressing, sauce, beverage concentrates…) that perfectly meets your expectations. We thinks each project in accordance with your unique needs. We offer you a wide range of machines with a high dosage precision.



Liquid filling systems for Vegetable oils

We offer automatic or semi-automatic oil filling machines for your packaging needs for vegetable oils from 100ml to drums / IBC (1000L). Weight filling is considered to be the most efficient dosing technology for filling edible oils. We offer a wide range of machines with high dosing accuracy.


Liquid filling systems for agrochemical products

Agrochemicals play an important role in increasing food production and food security. The products concerned can be herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, phytosanitary products… We offers you a complete range of liquid filling systems for the packaging and conditioning of agrochemical products.

We have also developed our filling and capping machines to handle a wide range of viscosities and we have adapted them to dangerous and aggressive liquids. Our strength lies in our technical expertise and knowledge of the latest innovations to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Available options for liquid filling system

– Atmospheric tank

– Pressurized tank

– Double range scales

– Standard Clean In Place (CIP)

– Patented “Clean & Play” CIP

– Rejection system after control of filling / capping / leaking

– Inert gas purging

– Programmable height adjustment

– Helpline

– ATEX (Explosion proof design)

– Legal Metrology (CEE)

– Separate electrical cabinet with interface panel on the filler

– Machine in guards with interlocked doors

– Machine in complete cabinet for fume extraction

– Laminar air flow to protect the packaging area


We are well referenced with customers as : SYNGENTA, BAYER, MONSANTO, CORTEVA, DOW, CARGILL, BUNGE, LESSIEUR, AAK, KTC, YUG RUSSI, AKZO NOBEL, JOTUN, PPG, AXALTA, ECOLAB, BRENNTAG, KERSIA-SOPURA, MERCK, QUARON, etc. We are committed to providing the highest quality, liquid filling machines, supported by a team of highly trained technicians.

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