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Rectifier and transformer

Rectifier and transformer

We are capable of providing our customers with engineering consulting, design and management services of rectifier and transformer and DCS controlling.

Our design of outdoor integrated rectifier system consists of rectifier transformer, sealed rectifier and power compensation components integration effectively realize high power factor under stable (current) control, good harmonic control and reduce the electromagnetic noise of the system.

Rectifier and transformer

Rectifier and transformer are integral components in a chlor-alkali plant, ensuring the reliable conversion of power and maintaining optimal conditions for the electrolysis process. Their proper selection, installation, and maintenance are essential for the plant’s overall performance, energy efficiency, and product quality.



The rectifier is an electrical device. It is mainly used for converting AC into DC. These are widely used for commercial applications. You can look around for different types – full-wave bridge, full wave and half wave types.

A good Outdoor Rectifier can be both digital and analogue type. The device regulates the flow of current in one fixed direction only. They are commonly manufactured in different forms of silicon controlled, diodes or semiconductor types.

Rectifier Specification:

– Max. output DC voltage: 1650 VDC

– Max. output DC current: 150 KA

– Installation method: Indoor / Outdoor

– Main circuit type: 3 phase bridge / double reverse star

– Rectifier element: Diode / Thyristor

– Unbalance coefficient Cf the same arm element current: < 0.15

– Pulse nos. of single unit: 6 or 12 pulse (more rectifier panels combine with rectifier transformer phase

shift to form equivalent of 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 pulse.

– Cooling method: water-water cooling, water-air cooling

– Protection configuration: water pressure, water temperature, arm temperature

– Protection class: IP40, IP42, IP55

Main characteristic of our rectifier system

– Integrated design to integrate the rectifier section, control section, power distribution section, DC switch and DM water cooler etc. Save installation space and is convenient for installation and commissioning at the site.

– Complete sealed design, the protection class IP 55, and prevent conductive dust and corrosive gas to improve the safety and extend the lifespan of the rectifier equipment.

– Complete aluminum cubicle, prevent the local overheating effectively caused by eddy current by non conductivity of aluminum, extend the rectifier lifespan by excellent corrosion resistance.

– Avoid the external temp. affection by the air cooling and thermal insulation design; maintain constant inner cubicle temp, and outdoor installation type also save the workshop construction cost.

– Complete protection measures for monitoring the air humidity, air temperature, water temperature, water pressure, water leakage, air flow, element temperature etc. No need for inspector in the site.



Transformer Specification:

– Loading Rank: Grade II

– Pressure Control Manner: Loading pressure adjusting 27 levels

– Pressure Control Range: 60-105%

– Coupling Group: Same phase opposite in parallel or different phase opposite in parallel.

– Impedance Voltage: 10%

– Cooling Manner: Strong oil wind cooling or strong oil water cooling


Advantages of our transformer unit:

– Small industry area, save space.

– Various integral scheme, supply in modularization.


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