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Screw coke preheater

Screw coke preheater

KOELLEMANN screw coke preheaters are used to heat up petroleum coke. Petroleum coke is a residue formed as a by-product of petroleum refining and is made of almost pure carbon. KOELLEMANN screw coke preheaters perform the heating process and heat the product from at least 0°C to approx. 200°C.

The heated petroleum coke is then mixed with hot pitch in a kneader. The paste formed is then pressed into a block shape. These blocks are then baked and represent the anode, which is used in the Hall-Héroult process (electrolysis) for the reduction of aluminium.
KOELLEMANN screw coke preheater design offers decisive advantages for maintenance, life, efficiency and required space.

Due to their state of the art design KOELLEMANN screw coke preheaters stand out from other available products on the world market. By applying the hollow flight principle our screw coke preheaters offer maximum performance within the smallest possible space. The modular insulation is on one side maintenance friendly due to rapidly removable panels and insures on the other side by minimizing radiation losses best possible exploitation of the supplied heat.

KOELLEMANN has developed an optimal solution to compensate thermal expansion of the screw-shafts. It is completely absorbed by a special-designed and produced KOELLEMANN -Carbon-Bearing, which faces a minimized maintenance.

The tongue-shaped shaft-passages allows to replace individual worm-shafts without the necessity to remove the end-walls or any of the other shafts. This reduces downtime significantly. The product-range delivers Preheaters starting from 5t/h up to 60t/h.

Screw coke preheater data:

– Throughput rate up to 60t/h
– Product temperatures up to 220°C
– Modular insulation
– The entire unit is placed on a solid frame, no individual foundations



KOELLEMANN design advantages-Screw coke preheater:

– Modular design out outer insulation
– Minimizing the heat losses at high temperature heating medium
– Maximizing the serviceability by easy dismountable insulation covers.

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