Bulk material processing solutions

REWINZ FZE supplies a wide range of equipment for emptying, transferring, grinding, lump breaking, sifting, dosing, mixing, drying, centrifugal separation, storing, conditioning, dedusting, controlling, automating for many different manufacturing applications.

We supplies optimal solutions with bulk handling & processing systems integrating standard” or “customisedequipment as defined by our high competence engineers.

Our many years of experience in food and feed, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and fine chemical processing industries,  water treatment and building industry allow us to offer you the benefits of inter-sector synergy. Our industrial workshop allows you to perform tests on our test plant and guarantees the success of your project and the reliability of your production line.

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Suppliers- Turnkey solutions

Palamatic Process

Bulk material handling solution, Filling/emptying solution, feeding/dosing solution, Sieving & Milling, handling system

B&P Littleford

Compounding & Extrusion line,Centrifuges, Mixing & Drying


Chlor Alkali Plant