Compounding & Extrusion line

We supply reliable large-scale industrial machinery to work for you. Our full line of mixing and separation systems can address almost any processing challenge.

TriVolution® Next Generation Compounder

Produces excellent dispersion and high throughput at slower screw speeds

Twin Screw Extruders

For a broad range of mixing/extrusion applications

Ko-Kneader Extruders/Mixers

For heat- and shear-sensitive materials

Batch Mixers

A full range of vertical and horizontal batch mixers for the most challenging applications

Pusher Centrifuge Systems

For productive separation of coarse solids from free-draining crystalline slurries

Dewatering Centrifuge Systems

For efficient liquid/solid separation in applications such as wastewater treatment, ethanol manufacture, and other processes that benefit from an extremely dry cake

Podbielniak® (Pods) Centrifugal Contactors

For cost-effective liquid/liquid extraction, separation, and washing

Turnkey solutions-PDF

Suppliers- Turnkey solutions

Palamatic Process

Bulk material handling solution, Filling/emptying solution, feeding/dosing solution, Sieving & Milling, handling system

B&P Littleford

Compounding & Extrusion line,Centrifuges, Mixing & Drying


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