P&H upgrading and spare parts

REWINZ Group has been in existence since the year 2000 and been offering our services in the supply of P&H Mining shovel spares.

We provide a ONE STOP service from design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Mechanical and Electrical

Our engineers worked on P&H as workshop manage and Purchasing and stores manager.

In partnership we have been manufacturing and supplying Spare parts and upgrades to P&H mining shovels to local as well as international markets.

We have all required drawings and specifications for 1900AL, 2100BL, 2100BLE, 2100BLM , 2100XPA, 2300Bl, 2300XP and 2300XPA shovels and that is what we concentrate on supplying.

We supply all P&H shovel mining spares ranging from manufactured components to Bearings and seals to electrical components I.e. Motor brushes, diodes, fuses etc, magnatorque repairs and manufacture new.in partnership with local suppliers electrical upgrades and motor and Generator refurbishment and repairs.

We also have qualified personnel to provide machine inspections and assistance with required machine maintenance and upgrades on 1900, 2100 and 2300 mining shovels.

All manufactured items are supplied with a 5000hr warranty and are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.

Turnkey solutions-PDF

Suppliers- Turnkey solutions

Palamatic Process

Bulk material handling solution, Filling/emptying solution, feeding/dosing solution, Sieving & Milling, handling system

B&P Littleford

Compounding & Extrusion line,Centrifuges, Mixing & Drying


Chlor Alkali Plant