32% ~ 50% Alkali Evaporation and Solid Alkali

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32% ~ 50% Alkali Evaporation and Solid Alkali

32% ~ 50% Alkali Evaporation and Solid Alkali

The product of ion membrane electrolyzer is 32% alkali liquid. If you need the high concentration of alkali liquid, we can provide alkali evaporation process to remove part of the alkali water, thus to achieve concentration.

Due to the limited storage, long-distance transport and other reasons, 50% alkali liquid can be further concentrated. Finally, solid alkali in bags are made for easy storage, transportation and disposal.

Alkali Concentration – Three effect countercurrent falling film evaporation process

The single tube heat exchanger produced by our company is specially used for heat exchange of caustic soda under high concentration, which can make the concentration of NaOH reach 99.3%.

The finished product is used to concentrate alkali liquor and is mainly composed of inner and outer double-layer tubes. The alkali liquor enters the inner wall of the inner tube in a film form from the top of the falling film tube, and the high-temperature molten salt enters the inner wall of the outer tube from the bottom of the falling film tube to further improve the alkali liquor concentration through heat exchange. In order to improve the service life of falling film tube in high temperature and strong alkali environment, the material in contact with alkali is military grade N4.

Main Product:

– 50% NaOH: Three-effect falling film evaporation technique;

– Solid NaOH: Falling film condenser and flaker machine



Advantages of our Alkali Evaporation system:

– Lower steam consumption: <500 kg/t NaOH.

– The rich design experience in chlor-alkali field and a professional engineering design team.

– Stable and reliable valves and instruments.

– Integrated module supply.

Our technology’s advantages for Alkali evaporation system:

– Independent patent technology – flash technology, improve product quality.
– The alkali liquid recycling is reasonable, safe and no discharge of waste liquid conforming to the environmental protection requirements
– Reasonable sugar processing, and canceled sugar commingler.
– Cost-efficient and reducing energy consumption.


Solid Alkali

Product Index NaOH % Na2 CO3 % NaCl % Fe2O3 %
Top product First grade qualified product
≥ 99.0 ≥ 98.5 ≥ 98.0
≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.8 ≤ 1.0
≤ 0.03 ≤ 0.05 ≤ 0.08
≤ 0.005 ≤ 0.008 ≤ 0.01

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