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The Chlor-Alkali process is an industrial technology for the electrolysis of sodium chloride (NaCl) or potassium chloride (KCl). This technology is used to produce chlorine (Cl2), sodium hydroxide (NaOH, caustic soda) or potassium hydroxide (KOH, caustic potash) and hydrogen (H2), which are commodity chemicals required by industry.

BCMC was founded in 1966, a 100% subsidiary of BLUESTAR under ChemChina. Focusing on providing chlor-alkali complete equipment and electrode energy-saving refurbishment technology, BLUESTAR is a global engineering company which integrates engineering, technology, service and trade together to provide integrated solutions for chlor-alkali plants, upstream & down-stream supporting technologies, as well as EPC general contracting.

BLUESTAR is one of the top four electrolyzer suppliers in the world, and is a Permanent Director of China Chlor-Alkali Association, member of Euro Chlor, Russia Chlor and the Chlorine Institute. BLUESTAR ’s electrolyzer production capacity ranks the first in the world, with an annual production capacity of 3 million tons electrolyzers and 5 million tons electrodes.

As a world-leading electrolysis technology supplier, BLUESTAR / REWINZ is capable of providing our customers with engineering design, consulting and management services of all processes including primary brine, secondary brine, electrolyte circulation, de-chlorination, chlorine and hydrogen treatment, hydrochloric acid synthesis, caustic evaporation and flaking, transformer/rectifier and DCS controlling.

To meet the diversified needs of customers, Bluestar has been doing research & development continuously and have signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements with main downstream chlorine product suppliers who own technical know-how to provide the latest technology and high quality service.

We can provide you with downstream products such as VCM, PVC, PAC, TDI, PO calcium hypochlorite, epoxy chloropropane (ECH), chloride methane, chloronitrobenzene, sodium hypochlorite, etc.
For the above mentioned products, EPS services including basic design, detailed design, core equipment supply and training can also be provided.

We can not only provide cost-effective solutions for chlor-alkali plants, and technology & after-sales services within 48 hours, but also supply the full-life cycle monitoring & management of chlor-alkali plant related to process and technology which will be realized with our targeted professional knowledge, high quality engineering, full-service and high efficient work.

Chlor-alkali Production Battery/Limits Scope:

– Primary brine unit

– Secondary brine unit

– Electrolyzer, circulation de-chlorination and Chlorate decomposition unit

– Hydrogen treatment unit

– Chlorine treatment unit

– Wasted gas treatment unit

– HCl synthesis unit

– Caustic soda flaker unit

– Transformer/Rectifier unit

– DCS system

– Hydrogen peroxide

– Sodium hypochlorite,

– Bleaching powder,

– PAC, VCM and PVC, etc


Cost Effective Service

– Engineering design and consulting service

– Project Management

– Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Our services for chlor-alkali plant:

– Feasibility study

– Basic design

– Detail design

– Civil construction

– Equipment installation

– Start-up

– Commissioning

– Training and after-service

– Full-life cycle monitoring and management of chlor-alkali plant

Technology Development-Zero-gap electrolyzer

Our core product is high current density natural circulation bipolar zero-gap electrolyzer, which could be operated  steadily with 6.0 kA/m2 and an expected power consumption of 2000 kWh/t-NaOH 100% basis, representing the best operating parameters worldwide.

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