Cell, anode and cathode, upgrading and modification

Cell, anode and cathode, upgrading and modification

BLUESTAR / REWINZ specializes in the repair, refurbishment and recoating of membrane cells, manufacturing and re-engineering of membrane cells, as well as supply of various electrolyzer spare parts for the electrochemical industry. By using the latest energy-saving modifying technology, we have upgraded various types of electrolyzer.

To improve the performance of your plant, we offer a range of services which significantly reduce the energy consumed per metric ton of NaOH. These upgrades or retrofits can be carried out for an entire cell room or individual electrolyzers. In the latter case, we make maximum use of the existing equipment in your cell room.

Cell, anode and cathode, upgrading and modification

Cell is separated by a partition wall into two compartments, namely Anode compartment and cathode compartment.

The inner wall of the Anode compartment is made by titanium to give resistance against chlorine and the inner wall of the cathode compartment is made by nickel to give resistance against caustic soda.

Na+ or (K+) can go through the cation-selective exchange membrane directionally, electric current lead to unit cell and then cathode terminal cell through anode terminal cell, it conduct the electricity in series.

Ribs, on which the anode and the cathode are welded, are fixed on each side of the partition wall by welding. Each compartment has two nozzles for inlet and outlet of electrolyte. The arms are bolted on both sides of the cell and the cell is hanged on the side bars by the arms.


Six characteristics of unit cells in bipolar zero-gap electrolyzer technology:

– Uniform distribution of brine (Anode circulation system)

– Adequate gas-liquid separation inside cell (New gas-liquid separation and delivered type structure)

– Zero-gap structure (Zero gap electrolyzer, cell-voltage decreased remarkably)

– Ti-Pd alloy sealing for anode surface

– Stainless steel external frame

– Easy to install and repair (Filtered press tightening)


Cell properties of bipolar zero-gap electrolyzer

– Gas-liquid separation and outlet structure improved: adequate gas-liquid separation, avoiding gas-liquid gathering and outlet surge flow

– Gas-liquid circulation structure improved: avoiding partial over-temperature of membrane and large concentration difference.

– Cathode buffer structure: anti-corrosion property improved; better bounce-back effect; smaller membrane intensity of pressure.

– Unique cathode fixation structure is good for smooth outflow of gas-liquid and also intensify conductivity.

– Ionic membrane improving operating environment of electrolyzer=>more stable performance=> reducing power consumption


Upgrading and modification of membrane cells:

BLUESTAR / REWINZ specializes in the repair, refurbishment and recoating of membrane cells, manufacturing and re-engineering of membrane cells, as well as supply of various electrolyzer spare parts for the electrochemical industry.

We also provide new cathodes and anodes and recoating for the various models of membrane cells. Use of automatic sandblasting, automatic roller coating machines and other equipment ensures stable performance of the electrodes. In addition, based on the requirement of different customers, we can provide ultra-low-oxygen, lowoxygen, low-chlorate and other coating formulations to meet the various needs. We also provide a full range of repair, maintenance and refurbishment service work for electrolyzers. Specialty and advanced equipment such as vacuum leak tester, automatic cutter, automatic welding machine and other equipment and tools provides assurance for quality and superior performance of the new electrolyzers.

We provide zero-gap modifications for various models of membrane cells. Special expandable mesh is selected to meet the specific requirement and characteristics of each type of electrolyzer. This ensures safe and stable operation of the electrolyzers after modification, and eliminates possible damage to the membrane during operation. The performance of the modified zero- gap cells is superior to the initial performance of original one, resulting in substantial energy savings.


Indicators after modification:

1- Current density improvements of 1.0 kA/m² after modification

2- Average voltage reductions of 200mv after modification

3- Power drain reductions of 150kwh after modification

4- 22% improvements in yields after modification


Production facilities:

Bluestar has advanced manufacturing and processing capability and many advanced processing equipment such as full automatic bending machine, automatic spot welding machine, laser cutting machine, special testing machine and also has membrane gap electrolyzer assembly line and professional electrode coating production lines.

Bluestar provides customers with upgrading technology service of caustic soda devices. This technology has passed the evaluation of exerts of Sinopec Chemical Industry Association. Comprehensive technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

BLUESTAR has the world’s advanced production lines. At present, the annual production capacity of membrane electrolyzer and electrode is 3 million tons and 5 million tons respectively.


  1. Element workshop
  2. Element auto-production line
  3. Automatic welding machine
  4. Laser process center
  5. Mechanical bending machine
  6. Automatic leveling machine
  7. Gas seal test machine
  8. Element process line
  9. Electrode production line


Electrolysis Electrode

Electrolysis electrodes are applicable in all kinds of electrolytic devices under organic and inorganic electrolysis conditions BLUESTAR is engaged in research, application and manufacturing of professional electrode. Electrode products mainly include raney nickel hydrogen evolution cathode, copper base material cathode and dualistic coating anode, stainless steel cathode and ternary coating cathode which applicable for low current density electrolyzer, metallic oxide cathode and polybasic coating anode which applicable for both low current density and high current density electrolyzers, and other various special application electrode.


Electrode is the key to the electrolysis devices, and electrode performance directly determines the cell voltage and the cost. The electrode manufactured by BLUESTAR have the features of  high anti-corrosion performance , long working life, high current density efficiency and matrix can be repeated use after losing electrode active etc.

Various electrode products has been widely used in chlorine, oxygen or hydrogen evolution electrode which applicable to different industries such as chlor-alkali production, water treatment electrode, waste water treatment electrode, electrodialysis electrode, electro-adsorption electrode, electroplating electrode, special organics electrolysis electrode and etc.
According to customers’ need, BLUESTAR can research, develop and manufacture electrode with special requirements

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