Skid-mounted caustic soda plant
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Skid-mounted caustic soda plant

As the market evolves, the demand for small-capacity caustic soda plants is growing: liquid chlorine transportation is becoming more difficult and expensive; chlorine and caustic soda are the building blocks for industries in remote areas; and securing sustainable supplies of chlorine and caustic soda is becoming a key objective for chemical companies.

BLUESTAR Skid-mounted caustic soda plant, is the use of our own intellectual property rights of electrolyzer manufacturing technology, process design and operation experience, through the optimization of process design, three-dimensional design simulation, etc. to achieve the following advantages of small caustic soda plant construction.

Through optimized design, key equipment and process have been improved and upgraded, and the arrangement of pipeline and equipment has been optimized according to the design experience.

The optimized pipeline and equipment are designed modularly according to the process, and the module is divided according to the specifications of 20” and 40” standard containers, which makes full use of the longitudinal space of equipment arrangement and saves the floor space.

Taking BSM5000 skid-mounted caustic soda plant as an example, with annual production capacity of 5,000 tons of 32% caustic soda, the main plant covers only 400m2.


Advantages of skid-mounted caustic soda plant


– Small footprint

– Short construction period

– Low investment cost

Using AVEVA E3D software for design and 3D simulation, the 20” and 40” “standard skid-unit” are designing and producing in the factory, while the civil construction was carried out at the project site according to the civil design. After the completion of the civil foundation construction, the skid-units will arrive at the site, just like building blocks, the assembly and commissioning of the caustic soda plant can be completed in a short time.

The period from the contract in effect to the start-up of the project will be limited to 18 months, which shortened the construction cycle. In the first 6 months, complete 3D piping design, equipment procurement, and civil construction conditions design; in the middle 6 months, complete the production and assembly of all standard skid-units, and prepare transportation, in the same time the owner will complete the civil construction; in the last 6 months, the standard skid-units will be delivered to the project site and complete the on-site assembly and commissioning.

Small caustic soda plant construction is generally characterized by remote project construction site, insufficient supporting resources at the project construction site, lack of installation technicians, etc. Skid-mounted caustic soda plant will complete more than 90% of the production and installation work in the factory, which greatly reduces the workload and time at the project site, and the overall investment cost of the project can be reduced by 10% after comparing the cost with similar traditional projects.


The scale of BLUESTAR BSM series skid-mounted caustic soda plant can realize the skid-mounted supply from 20 tons to 30,000 tons of 32% caustic soda per year, BSM series products series are: BSM20, BSM500, BSM5000, BSM10000, BSM20000, BSM30000, total 6 series.

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