Drum flaker

Drum flaker

Our flaker is a drum type condensing flaker. Drum flaker turns any liquid raw material that can become crystal after heating and cooling through the drum in the material tank, and then cools it to the front adjustable scraper device for slicing, so as to complete the conversion of liquid raw materials into solid flakes after cooling, flake and scraping. Drum flaker consists of a rotating drum with a cooling liquid sprayed on the inside and a product specific application method for applying the molten product to the drum surface.
Standard applications methods are; a dip feed pan usually used for low viscosity products, applicator roll usually used for heat sensitive products or agitator roll usually used for super-cooling products.

Drum flaker is widely used in chemical, food, environmental, and pharmaceutical applications for products such as caustic soda, acetic acid, calcium chloride, steric acid, edible oils, fatty acids, polyethylene glycol, waxes and zinc stearate. Drum flaker has the advantages of compact structure, good stability, convenient operation and large output.

At present, the materials involved include sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, sulfur, phthalic anhydride, sodium sulfide, tert butyl isopropyl peroxide, dibasic acid, maleic anhydride, etc, have been widely praised by users. The user can select the appropriate type and specification of flaker according to the material characteristics and output. Take the sodium hydroxide flaker with material concentration ≥ 98% as an example. The rated capacity can be selected from 1.6t/h to 5.5t/h.

Drum flaker benefits:

– Continuous process

– Low power consumption

– Easy operation and maintenance

– Low CAPEX and OPEX costs

– Simple control of flakes features, controlling process parameters

Intelligent drum flaker

Intelligent drum flaker


The intelligent drum flaker is composed of on-line detection system, central data processing system, intelligent tool adjustment system, automatic lubrication system, on-line operation and fault detection, remote maintenance system, alkali tank and automatic lifting system, drum parts, spray cooling system, base parts, protective cover parts, alkali liquor outlet tank, lower hopper, etc.


Features of Our Intelligent Drum Flaker:


  1. The on-line detection system adopts a high-precision line laser measuring instrument (the measurement accuracy reaches ± 0.03mm) within the specified time (it can be adjusted in combination with the service time of the drum. The initial measurement interval is once every 24h. Each time, measure the average distribution of the drum circumference corresponding to each blade and extract 360 effective data) Real time scan the external contour deformation data and running state detection of the drum and preprocess the data (cancel the invalid value);


  1. The central data processing system is a set of data processing system specially developed by our company for the intelligent binding machine, which extracts the effective measurement data and carries out data screening and comparison through a unique algorithm to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the data transmitted to the servo controller of the intelligent tool adjustment system; (the final contour data is stored in the central data processing system, transmitted to the intelligent tool adjustment system in real time, and the new data is automatically replaced every 24 hours)


  1. The intelligent tool adjustment system reads the data fed back by the central data processing system and transmits it to the servo control system in real time to automatically adjust the gap between the blade and the drum, so as to ensure that the real-time gap between each blade and the drum is controlled between 0.03-0.15mm, so as to ensure that the blade cannot scratch the drum and scrape the crystalline film on the surface of the drum without residue; (it can be freely switched between automatic and manual)


  1. The online operation and fault detection system can detect the running track of the drum in real time to ensure that the data contour is consistent with the physical contour (the rotation angle of the drum is automatically corrected every rotation cycle). In case of fault, the on-site control cabinet and DCS system will give an alarm and prompt the fault diagnosis and solution;


  1. The servo control system controls the blade feed accuracy to 0.015mm and is equipped with back gap compensation function to ensure that each blade feed data is true and effective, and eliminate the accumulated error out of tolerance after use for a period of time;


  1. The automatic lubrication system accurately controls the lubrication time and lubricating oil feed rate of the parts to be lubricated of the intelligent drum flaker, and automatically lubricates the parts to be lubricated of the intelligent drum flaker from time to time, so as to reduce the abnormal phenomena caused by manpower and errors;


  1. Alkali tank and automatic lifting system can accurately control the position of alkali tank and reduce manpower and misoperation;


  1. The remote maintenance system can use the cloud technology platform to conduct real-time remote analysis, maintenance and technical support for the operation status and data of the intelligent binding machine through wireless transmission, so as to reduce the number of on-site inspection by on-site operators and greatly reduce the equipment fault handling time.

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