Hydrogen peroxide
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Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent, known not only for its high oxidation potential, but its strong performance across a wide pH range as well. The main uses of hydrogen peroxide are in the preparation of other peroxides and as an oxidizing agent mainly in pulp and paper bleaching.

We offer a complete range of technical and management services, in the fields of technology, process know-how, engineering (Basic, FEED and Detail), procurement, construction, commissioning and project management of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) industrial plants.

The extreme versatility of this clear liquid gives rise to a growing number of applications, including:


  • Generating cleaner water, air and soil
  • Whitening our paper and textiles
  • Producing our food more sustainably and making it safer
  • Making our clothes cleaner
  • Protecting our families from harmful microorganisms
  • Miningour planet’s resources in the most efficient way
  • Making electronic componentspurer
  • Developing building blocks for the goods all around us more sustainably

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