Polymer additive mixer

Polymer additive mixer

In most cases the additive mixer is installed upstream of the extruder, which takes the mixture of raw product and diverse additives and produces pellets for use by end customers. Through large surfaces and perfected engineering for the design of the tool geometries, a controlled and high-quality mixture is achieved and at the same time, unwanted heating-up of the product is avoided.
KOELLEMANN polymer additive mixers are generally used to mix plastic products such as HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) or olefins.

Technical specification of our polymer additive mixer

– Mixer length up to 14,500mm without intermediate bearings

– Capacity > 60.000kg/h

– Throughput rates >200m3/h

– Complete cabinet for nitrogen supply

– Practically maintenance-free

– Dust & gas tight

–  Unbeaten reliability


Multimode twin polymer mixer

Pellets are produced in “natural” or “black” grade, one mixing & extrusion line can only produce one grade. There is no ability to change the grade without significant effort.

Koellemann’s new Multimode Twin Polymer Mixer is the world’s first device capable of mixing white or colored polymers without the need for an expensive cleaning process.

It is the first mixer available on the market, which allows to mix different colors in one machine.


Polymer additive mixer-In natural mode of operation:

The powder is mixed with additives and is discharged via the natural outlet, the outlet-width is big enough to ensure no powder will pass into the black section and interfere with the closed outlet.

The screw flights in the transition section will ensure that no carbon black particles can fall back (due to vibration or gas flow) into the clean natural section of the mixer.

Polymer additive mixer-In natural mode of operation


Polymer additive mixer-In black mode of operation:

The “natural” outlet is closed, the discharge portion is filled with material and will not affect the conveying into the “black” zone. Carbon black is added and mixed in by a second set of mixing-tools. Discharging is done via the “black” outlet.

We offer an additional bag filter with automatic, differential pressure-controlled cleaning placed in the outlet area to avoid any overpressure in the product chamber due to upstream or downstream components and due to the nitrogen application. All instruments required are housed in a user-friendly, protective and visually appealing stainless-steel control cabinet.

Polymer additive mixer-In black mode of operation

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